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Upload data programmatically via API or CLI

Programmatic uploads to the Data Platform use capabilities provided by the underlying Flywheel system. There are basically two options: use a Flywheel provided SDK, available for both Python and MatLab, or use the Flywheel CLI tool.

The first option is limited to scenarios where a center wants to build the transfer of data into their data systems. Each Flywheel SDK (software development kit) is a code library that enables use of the Flywheel API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate software with the Flywheel instance of the NACC Data Platform. Building this integration involves someone building the software that performs the transfer.

The second option uses software that is already built and can be used to perform transfers from a computer using the command line. However, it is also possible to use the CLI tool within a software system.

For more details, see the form upload demonstrations.